Today’s weather in Cyprus

Cyprus Weather

The Republic of Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and is classified as having a sub-tropical climate-Mediterranean. Cyprus weather has the warmest temperatures of the European Union in the Mediterranean. The summer season lasts from April through November, with both air and water temperatures being warm throughout the season. Coastal regions of the country have less fluctuation in temperature ranges than the inner regions, and the inner regions have colder winters and hotter summers than the coast.

The mountain regions are the coldest and receive the most rainfall; snow occurs only in the mountainous regions of Cyprus. Rainfall occurs mostly during the winter, with the mountainous areas receiving the most rainfall, and the summers are very dry. Cyprus weather receives as many as 14 hours of sunshine in the summer, and only 5 - 6 hours of sunshine in the winter. Strong winds from the Mediterranean are usually limited to the coastal areas, with the inner regions rarely receiving gale force winds.



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