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Cincinnati Weather

Located at the border with Kentucky and Ohio, Cincinnati is the third largest city in the state. Cincinnati weather is affected by several things such as the geography, the fact that it belongs to a transition zone which can make it humid sub-tropical or humid continental climate. If you visit Cincinnati in the summer, you will find temperatures which are humid and hot and rain seems to fall every month. July is the month with the highest temperatures averaging 85.6 Fahrenheit or 29.8 Celsius. But the mercury can go much higher.

The coolest month in Cincinnati weather is January which averages a high of 38.3 Fahrenheit and a low of 22.5. During the winter, Cincinnati will reach temperatures below the freezing mark several times each season. Cincinnati is considered by the locals as a city of extremes. When the summer days reach higher temperatures, the weather can feel miserable. The cold weather on the other hand, is the type of weather that could paralyze other cities.


Winter days in Cincinnati weather have reached extremely low temperatures. The record low for the city is a negative 25 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 32 Celsius). The average snowfall does not seem that bad. The average is only 6.7 inches during January and 6.3 inches in February, but there have been cases when the city has received a lot more. The data on the snowfall is limited as the historical records became reliable only in 1974. If you were to ask people who were around before that time, they would gladly tell you that they have seen a lot more snow than the average.

The yearly average snowfall for Cincinnati weather can in some cases be deceiving. While the first snow usually falls in December, a few years will see one of the winter months have little to no snow at all. But snow always seems to catch up. The last snow to fall usually happens in the month of March.


Per year Cincinnati weather sees a total of 42.5 inches of precipitation with the rainiest month being May. During May the city of Cincinnati gets close to 5 inches of rain every year. Even with the weather records reliability starting in the 70s, the year of 2011 has been the wettest in record. The amount of precipitation for the entire Ohio valley shows the increases for the entire year. The fact that the city of Cincinnati weather gets rain every single month did not help slow down the numbers in that year.

May is also the month with the most days with rain; with almost half the days in the month getting at least some rain. April closely follows May with 12.4 inches compared to May is 12.7 inches, but because the summer is getting closer during May, the city actually sees a fair amount of sunshine hours with an average of 251.1 hours.

Averages And Records

The coldest month in Cincinnati weather is January when the highest temperatures reach a total of 38.3 Fahrenheit or 3.5 Celsius. The average lows drop to 22.5 Fahrenheit or -5.3 Celsius. That low temperature during the winter has dropped a lot in the past with the record low of -25 degrees Fahrenheit or -32 Celsius. The second lowest is December when the average high is somewhere around 41 degrees Fahrenheit while the average low is 26.1. The hottest months in Cincinnati weather are July and August, July being the hottest with 85.6 Fahrenheit or 29.8 Celsius and the average low of 65.6 Fahrenheit or 18.7 Celsius. August is very close to July with a high of 84.9 and a low of 64.3. The record high for Cincinnati is 109 degrees Fahrenheit or 43 Celsius.

Best Times To Visit

The best months in Cincinnati weather for visitors are September and October. September sees temperatures with a high of 78.1 Fahrenheit and a low of 56.6 while October has an average high of 66.2 and an average low of 45. The reason why the fall is a better time to visit the city of Cincinnati than the spring is because on average it does have less rain. While May has 4.93 inches of rain, September only has 2.62. Cincinnati weather in the fall is also great for those who want to head to the Appalachian Mountains and see the changes in foliage. This happens from early October to early November. The humidity during the fall months is also a lot lower than what you would see just one month earlier.



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