Today in Calgary, Canada

Cloudy with occasional light rain . Low 44F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90%.

Cloudy skies early will become partly cloudy later in the day. High 61F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph.

This weather data was last updated 2021-09-23 07:23:34.


Light Rain


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  • Tomorrow night P Cloudy
  • Friday M Sunny
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  • Saturday P Cloudy
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  • Monday P Cloudy

Calgary Weather

Calgary is located in the southern region of Alberta Canada, and as such the winters that you will experience there can be really cold. Some people who live on the East of Canada think they have severe winters until they experience what Calgary weather has to offer. When compared to a city like Toronto for example, there really is no contest. Calgary sees an average of 85 days of snow that measures at least 1 cm while Toronto gets 65.

Of course the northern parts of Alberta can get much colder, but that is no consolation for those who year in and year out have to endure the Calgary weather winters. The good news is that even with the coldest winters there is a fair amount of sunlight in the area. So that after the snow you will have some clear skies which make the low temperatures seem at least tolerable.

Difficult Job Of A Calgary Weatherman

Though you may think that it is simple to predict the winter Calgary weather as cold, there is a lot more that a person who looks at the weather must take into consideration. One of the Calgary weather things that can change what the forecast can be is the wind. Sometimes the wind will blow in the winter and no one sees it coming. The problem with the wind after a snow storm is that it can turn the same snow that is already on the ground into slush which can make moving through the city a bit trickier than normal.

Because of these changes in the winds it is recommended that people visiting the city and those who live in it pay attention to the daily forecast. The sudden changes make the long forecast really hard to do and in a lot of cases it proves to be wrong.

Average Temperatures

Calgary weather is not all winter, it also can be a great place for the summers. June and August are the hottest months with the mercury going to an average of 23 C as a maximum high and lows dropping to just under 10 C. Unfortunately the summer is also the time of the year that sees the most rain with June and July having an average of 13 days with rain. August follows them with 10 days of rain.

The average temperatures in the winter can be brutal if you are not used to Calgary weather. January is the coldest month with the average maximum temperature which is below freezing at -3 C. The average low temperatures this time of the year are also very low, but January has the lowest at -15 C. Because of the wind factor those temperatures can feel even a lot lower.

Best Time To Go

If you are planning to visit Calgary, then you want to know the best times to go. The winter is out of the question as there can even be traveling issues which may prevent you from flying in or out of the city. While the summer has great temperatures, it also has high amounts of rain. That leaves us with the other two seasons in Calgary weather. The best time to visit Calgary is actually the fall because although September does see a fair amount of rain, it is less than what you would see in the summer and the temperatures have not dropped as low yet.

Early October is also a good time to visit, but please note that you could get some cold temperatures and the first signs of snow in the year. May is also a decent month to visit, but the rains usually start dropping more frequently in mid-May.

Other Things To Know

There are a few other things that you may be interested to know about Calgary weather. The weather can in some cases be extreme as some really high temperatures have been recorded in the city. The record high for Calgary weather is 36.1 C. The record low is where the real extremes can be observed. The record low temperature for the city of Calgary is -49 C or -45 F which was recorded back in 1893.

If you are in the city of Calgary for the winter you can expect to have close to a week each winter when the temperatures will be around -30 C. The city does also get hail storms from time to time. Finally, you will want to know that when you are in the city of Calgary, there is a very good chance that you will get to see the Northern Lights.



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