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Variably cloudy with scattered thunderstorms. Low 76F. Winds E at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Thunderstorms in the morning, then partly cloudy late. High 81F. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

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Bermuda Weather

Bermuda is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. The island is found in the North Atlantic Ocean near the coast of the United States. Bermuda weather is pleasant all year round with hardly any extreme weather conditions making it a popular tourist destination round the year. Thermometer readings on the island neither record scorching high temperatures nor harsh freezing levels.

The island also lacks a specific rainy season with moderately distributed rainfall observed over the whole year. The only adverse conditions are the rare hurricanes that sometimes hit the island. These though are widely spaced and do not cause significant property damage. Bermuda weather can be simply divided into two seasons, the summer and the winter season.

State Of The Weather In Bermuda During The Summer

Summer in the island mainly runs from the month of May and ends in late October. Bermuda weather during this period is defined by the high levels of humidity experienced. Levels of humidity during these months are usually very high especially during the month of July. Average humidity for July is 86% which contributes to making this month the warmest in the year. Residents and visitors have to change their clothes frequently due to the warm and humid air experienced throughout the season.

The high humidity in the summer serves to moderate the temperature in the island. Although the sky is frequently clear, the sun does not feel uncomfortably hot. Thermometer readings rarely go beyond 29 degree Celsius. Cloud cover during the summer is also less with most days being sunny. When it rains, the sky above the island always becomes clear quickly. Rainfall during the summer is usually evenly distributed through the months although the months of August and October will receive more rainfall than the rest. Light winds and thunderstorms are also common when it rains.

A cool breeze that runs for most days of the year blows through the island for during evenings. Bermuda weather for the whole summer season can therefore be described as pleasant, except for the rare times when hurricanes and cyclones hit the island.

Winter Weather In The Bermuda Islands

Bermuda weather during the winter season seems more like the spring or fall seasons in most cities. This is because harsh winter conditions are rarely felt in the island. The winter season usually runs from the month of November to late April. Temperatures during the season do not even approach freezing levels. Thermometer figures of 16 degree-21 degree Celsius are observed throughout the season, sometimes dropping to around 10 degree Celsius at the lowest. Bermuda residents and visitors do not experience frost, snow or ice throughout this season. Freezing conditions are yet to be experienced in the island since the start of the twentieth century.

Bermuda rainfall is present for all months of the year with not a single month described as dry. January and February though experience a higher rainfall level that the other winter months. Sometimes, the rainfall is accompanied by powerful winds. Nonviolent thunderstorms may also be observed mostly in the wetter months of January and February. Most winter days are also darker than observed during the summer. The days also feel damp with high humidity being experienced during this period. Bermuda weather during the winter can thus be simply described as mild and quite pleasant.

The Hurricane Season In Bermuda

Bermuda Island is generally hit by hurricanes less often than the Caribbean islands. The hurricane season lasts for not less than six months. Bermuda weather during such a season is characterized by heavy rains and violent winds blowing in a circular motion. Violent thunderstorms also accompany these conditions. The rare conditions usually begin in late May or early July and continue until November. Bermuda islands though are not in the direct path of the hurricanes and thus experiences them only in rare occasions. The last hurricane season occurred on September 5 in 2003. Hurricane predictions in the island are usually monitored frequently in order to warn residents and visitors in time.

Bermuda weather cannot be described as random or unpredictable. Most of the conditions experienced on the island are as described on the general conditions above. However, people visiting the island for different activities are advised to check the daily weather forecast for the island. These would provide daily weather information for each part of the day. Unexpected weather changes would be reflected in these details which would help you to prepare accordingly. Information on Bermuda weather can be easily accessed through the internet on weather forecast sites.



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