Today in Beijing, China

Clear skies. Low 29F. Winds light and variable.

Except for a few afternoon clouds, mainly sunny. High around 50F. Winds light and variable.

This weather data was last updated 2021-12-05 18:36:19.




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Beijing Weather

If you are heading for Beijing for business, travel, or to live there it is a good idea to know the kind of weather that will be expecting you. Beijing weather has four seasons which can go from a very warm and humid summer to a cold and dry winter. The humidity of Beijing weather is due to monsoon winds that come from the southeast. The southeast is where most precipitation will come from. As for the winter, it owes its coldness to air masses that come from the north from Siberia and move across most of China.

Beijing sees its coldest month in January while July is the hottest with the highest humidity so when to visit Beijing depends on you and your taste of weather. A lot of people prefer the cool fall temperatures which give the city beautiful scenery. The high season is in the spring. Crowds are large and the winds blow hard.

The Autumn

Most of the crowds in Beijing will be there in the spring. However you will find the best Beijing weather in the autumn. The skies are clear, the days are warm and dry while the nights can be cool and pleasant. One of the best things about the autumn is that the fruits and vegetables become ripe in the season so you can get the freshest vegetables in the local markets. The high temperatures in September and October range from 67 to 78 while the average low range between 47 and 59.

There is still some rain in the autumn, but it is not nearly as much as you would get in July and August. The humidity is also tolerable during these months of Beijing weather. Another great reason to visit the city in the autumn is that you do get a lot of hours of sunshine with 232 in September and 222 in October.

The Spring

May is the month when most people visit the city. Beijing weather in May is dry and windy. There are, however, a few sand storms during this time. The one thing to know about the early spring in Beijing weather is that there is a very good possibility that the temperatures will drop abruptly. The sandstorms do interrupt some of the travel conditions. The temperatures in the spring range from 68.5 to 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit while the lows go from 46 to 56.5.

There is little precipitation in the spring, especially in April when the total rainfall averages 21 millimeters. May averages a little more with 34.2 millimeters of rain each year. The days are bright and as the year progresses you get more sunshine hours. Average precipitation days do not exceed 6 during the spring.

The Winter

The winter in Beijing weather is dry and cold. It is also long, lasting from early November all the way to March. You have a lot of sunny days but do not let that fool you. The temperatures will be low. In fact, the average temperature in the months of December through February is about 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather does give a great scenery in the western hills. The winter is the dry season in Beijing weather, when the highest average for a single month is 8.3 millimeters and that happens in March.

The very cold dry air that affects the weather in Beijing comes from the Siberian high, which is a collection of dry air that comes from the north. On average, people in Beijing expect rain not to show up much during the winter. November has the highest number of days with rain and that is only 3.5 on average.

The Summer

The type of Beijing weather that you will find in the summer is hot, rainy with very long days. It is not uncommon to get heavy rainstorms during the Beijing summer and they can sometimes show up without warning. Sometimes you will see clear skies and ten minutes later, it will be pouring down in buckets. The month with the most rain is July. It gets 185 millimeters of rain per year. Compare that to the lowest month, which is January, that gets 2.7 millimeters for the month.

Humidity during the summer months can be almost unbearable. The east Asian monsoon is what gives Beijing weather these type of conditions. July is also the hottest month as it averages 87.5 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is not uncommon for the mercury to rise. The humidity can make it feel a lot hotter.



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