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Clear skies. Low 54F. Winds light and variable.

Mostly sunny skies. High 79F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph.

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Rouge Weather

The third southern-most capital city in the United States is also one of the hottest and muggiest in the country. The winters tend to be mild while the summers can get really hot. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Baton Rouge weather is 110 degrees Fahrenheit and add to that the high humidity and you can have some miserable summer conditions. Another problem of Baton Rouge weather is the possibility of tornados and high winds.

The city is also likely to be hit when a hurricane comes into the Gulf of Mexico. The winters in Baton Rouge on the other hand can be some of the best that you will experience. The weather is mild and the humidity is low. The average high during the coldest month of the year is 61.6 degrees Fahrenheit. People visiting the city of Baton Rouge will do well to check weather forecast before heading to the city.

Best Times To Visit

The best times to head to Baton Rouge are the spring and the fall, though a lot of people visit the city during the winter in order to escape the colder temperatures up north. A lot of people from the Appalachian mountain region will enjoy Baton Rouge weather and use it as a quick escape in the colder months. The spring can see temperatures up in the 70s as an average high and in the low to mid 50s as an average low. The same happens in the late fall up to early November.

October can have hot temperatures and the average high is just over 80 degrees Fahrenheit while the average low drops all the way to the mid-50s. Rainfall is at its lowest in October and as the hurricane season ends the possibility of severe storms goes down.

Recent Hurricanes In Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge weather has seen its share of hurricanes, big and small. Some of these storms have seen the failure of the Louisiana levies. In recent history, hurricane Betsy had storm surges of 15.7 feet. Baton Rouge was affected by Betsy with damages to infrastructure, crops, life stock and 81 people which died. The total cost of the damages Betsy had were 1.4 billion dollars. Edith also affected Baton Rouge weather, not necessarily by a direct hit, but because a tornado formed which hit the city. The tornado tracked 7 miles and caused serious damage to infrastructure.

A lot of hurricanes have lost strength by the time they get to Baton Rouge. Katrina was one of the examples as the damages which it caused in the city were not nearly as big as what it did in New Orleans. Baton Rouge, in fact, served as a shelter of sorts to people living in New Orleans.


The state of Louisiana gets a few tornados every year and Baton Rouge weather has seen its fair share. Most of the tornados will not hit the city directly but will be close enough to trigger tornado warnings. In November 2010 and F0 was reported close to 13.5 miles away from the city. That is a close call but not the closest. In 2002 a tornado passed just outside the city at less than a quarter of a mile away. 1995 saw an F1 tornado within a mile and a half of the city.

Baton Rouge weather is usually safe from tornados when compared to the northern Louisiana corridor but you should always be prepared if you travel to the city during tornado season. Tornados are more likely to happen in Baton Rouge as a result of a hurricane. If one is heading your way, you should always make sure that you get updates and weather reports constantly.

Average Temperatures

Baton Rouge weather has never seen temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest that it has been is 2 degrees. But that was the exception and not the norm. The average lowest temperature in the year happens in January and that temperature is 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The second lowest month is December when the average low temperature is 42.4 degrees. As far as the average high temperatures in Baton Rouge weather, they happen in the months of June, July and August when the temperatures range from 90.2 degrees Fahrenheit to 91.9 as an average.

The yearly average is 78.34 degrees on the highs and the lows of 57.56. Yearly precipitation is 1,540 millimeters with the rainiest month being June. The summer is not the time of the year when people visit Baton Rouge. In fact the time when you will find the most people is in the early spring and late fall.



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