Today’s weather in Barbados

Barbados Weather

If you are looking for the perfect beach weather you cannot do much better than Barbados. Barbados weather stays warm and sunny year round with temperatures that range from 75 to 85 and nights which are a bit cooler. The sea-breeze blows steadily and it makes the country comfortable. Because of its location in the Caribbean, Barbados weather does not usually include hurricanes. Although hurricanes can bring choppy water, the winds usually pass just north of the island. There are four seasons to Barbados but they are not what people in most countries would have in mind. In fact the differences are too small for some people to notice. The warmer days in Barbados average 86 degrees while the coldest is still high enough to be considered early summer in the United States at 74 degrees. In many other countries, you would have to remember that averages can change dramatically but not in Barbados.



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