Today’s weather in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Weather

Though the sub-tropical Bangladesh weather has most people thinking that they will never need a sweater, that is not actually the case. There are three seasons in Bangladesh: the hot season, rainy season and the cool season. The average temperatures during the hot season are hot and humid. They can even be called unpleasant. But it would not reach dangerous levels. The average temperatures depend on where in Bangladesh you are.

Inland you will find temperatures on the hot season that can average ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit but near the coast the hottest season you will get a total of eighty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. It may not be great comfort to have a six degree difference, especially because of the humidity near the coastline. There is also the cool season in Bangladesh weather, which starts in November and ends in March, when the lowest average temperature is 55.4 degrees Fahrenheit.



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