Today in Bangkok, Thailand

Thunderstorms during the evening will give way to cloudy skies after midnight. Heavy and torrential downpours at times. Low 77F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90%.

Cloudy skies during the morning hours followed by thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 88F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

This weather data was last updated 2021-09-23 08:30:48.




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Bangkok Weather

Bangkok weather is wet and hot for most of the year with little breaks a few months a year. The constant rain of the August, September and October may make a raincoat something that you want to use when you are visiting or moving to Bangkok, but the hot weather will quickly change your mind. Floods can happen in Bangkok weather as major storms can happen in the city.

Do not let the fact that the weather is divided into the hot season, cool season and rainy season fool you. If you have never been experienced Bangkok weather you may be inclined to say that the seasons are only two and they would be hot and rainy but still hot seasons. You will not need a sweater in Bangkok and may decide that long sleeve shirts are just too much. Even the low temperatures will hardly ever be below to F.

Best Times To Visit

If you do not want to experience the hottest Bangkok weather, then your options can be very limited. The cool season starts in December and it ends in March, but these times (with the exception of a few days in December) will still feel like hot summer days in many countries. The city is very full of people at this time because the cool weather also coincides with the December holidays all the way to New Year. January and February are hot but they can still be considered a great time to visit because the heat is not extreme yet and the nights can be comfortable.

The Bangkok weather rainy season is also a time when you may want to visit. You may think that you want to avoid rain when you go on vacation, but when it rains in Bangkok you can at least get some sort of relief from the heat.

The Rainy Season

Most of the rain in Bangkok weather will happen during the months of August, September and October. May, June and July also get a fair amount of rain but it is not nearly as much. The rainy season may mean that you get around an hour of rain when it does and it mostly happens in the late afternoon. The short timed showers do not equal a small amount of rain. If you have ever heard the phrase when it rains, it pours, then you may associate it to Bangkok weather.

The heavy rains are the reason why floods are always possible even when the storm times are relatively short. One thing that you will also notice is that the rain is not cold; in fact in some cases it can feel warm. The biggest sign that you are about to have a storm is when your watch reads 4pm and the day starts getting dark.

That Bangkok Humidity

Before you head to Bangkok you should know that you will lose a lot of fluids. The humidity can make you sweat a lot so take thin fabric shirts and be ready to change a couple of times a day. The reason for this is that Bangkok weather is usually a high humidity environment. The reason for the high humidity is that the average dew point in Bangkok weather is 24 C (72.5 F) but the problem is that there is not one single month in Bangkok when the average temperature is less than 25.5 C.

That means that the air can no longer hold the water vapor and therefore you get the humidity feel in the air. The average temperature year round in Bangkok is 28.1 C, with April average at 30.1 C. You can only imagine how bad that can be for the humidity feel in the air.

Average Temperature And Rainfall

As mentioned before the average temperature year round in Bangkok weather is 28.1 C or 82. 5 F. By comparison the average temperature if you wanted to compare that to some other cities in the world, Miami average temperature is 76 F, New York City is 62.25 F and London is 59.4. As you can tell the weather is much hotter than even Miami which is in the Sunshine State. The average rainfall in Bangkok weather is 1,466.9 mm a year. Though the hottest months are March and April, every other month is not that very cool either. Even the cool season average for the coldest month is only 4.4 C less than the highest. Bangkok is a great place to visit, but you should make sure that you are ready for the weather that will be welcoming you when you get there.



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