Today in Baltimore, United States

A few clouds. Slight chance of a rain shower. Low 51F. Winds light and variable.

A mainly sunny sky. High 73F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

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Baltimore Weather

Baltimore is city which is located in the state of Maryland in the Mid Atlantic. The area is known to have humid summers and mild winters when compared to the states just a little up north. Baltimore weather can in some cases bring a surprise as far as snowfall, but it generally will receive less than Delaware and New Jersey. The temperatures do not usually get as high but the humidity does make the temperatures feel a bit higher.

People who live in the area know that it is not the heat itself that will make some summer days uncomfortable, but rather the humidity of the Baltimore weather. There are 4 distinct seasons in the Baltimore area and they all have their recognizable differences. The rain happens mostly during the spring and the fall, but in some cases severe thunderstorms can be observed during the summer months.

No Rainy Season

One of the things you will notice about Baltimore weather is that even though you do get more rain in the spring and in the fall it is not enough to call those the rainy season. You can get rain all four seasons when you are in Baltimore. The rain is different depending on the time of the year as most thunderstorms tend to happen in the hot summer days. The winter will have rain, but not very many storms.

The rain that you sometimes get in Baltimore happens because the temperatures have not gotten cold enough to form, but that same rain will become snow when it reaches the colder temperatures up north and the higher altitudes in the mountains of Pennsylvania where the altitude makes the air cooler. There is an average of 4 inches of rain every month and they are well distributed. That is why there really is no rainy season in Baltimore.


The fact that Baltimore is located close to the Atlantic Ocean makes it a place that can get hit by hurricanes. Most of the time Baltimore weather will see the end results of a tropical storm or depression, but there have been several times when the city has been hit by hurricanes. The city of Baltimore has a special website dedicated to preparedness when a hurricane is heading to the city and it is recommended that people who are visiting and those who reside in the city pay close attention to those recommendations.

It is important to note that Baltimore is not right next to the Atlantic Ocean so most of the time hurricanes have lost some strength by the time they reach Baltimore weather. Though tornados are associated with hurricanes the city itself has not seen many of them. Tornados however have been reported on the edges of the city and the surrounding areas.

Best Times To Visit

By far the best times to visit the city of Baltimore are in the late spring. There are some showers in the area that affect Baltimore weather, but they are not as strong, and the weather has not gotten as bad as it will in the summer. The humidity does not affect visitors at this time of the year because the Baltimore weather temperatures have not reached their hottest. You can expect a lot of sun and a temperature around 80 F.

That weather means that the city brings out all the outdoor activities and tourists can enjoy the city to the fullest. Once late July and August come the city becomes extremely muggy and hot. That is the main reason that the people who live in the city pack their things and head to Ocean City as they can at least jump in the water to escape the heat.

Average Temperatures

The average yearly temperature for Baltimore is 68 F, and that is a great number for any city. The coldest month in the year is January when the average high is 44 F and the average low is 29. The record low for Baltimore weather is -7 F which has been reported both in December and February. The hottest month of Baltimore weather is July with an average of 91 F. The average low in July is 73 F but the cooler temperatures are mostly felt at night. The record high temperature for the city of Baltimore stands at 107 which happened in the year 1942.

Add to that the humidity that the city is famous for and you know why the summer can be something you want to avoid in Baltimore. Most of the sunshine will also be seen in the month of July and most snow falls in February.



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