Today’s weather in Bahamas

Bahamas Weather

When people think of Bahamas weather they usually picture themselves in an 85 F sunny climate, but there is more to the Bahamas. Most of the year is sunny, but what most people do not realize is the humidity that can affect a person who travels to the Bahamas. There is also the possibility of extreme weather in the shape of a hurricane. The Bahamas are located in the Caribbean which means that there are two seasons: winter and summer.

You should not let the word winter scare you away though. The winter in the Bahamas is not cold as the lowest monthly average temperature wise is 70 F. The summer is not that much hotter either as the highest monthly average is 82 F. There are however some differences besides the 12 degrees in temperature that you should know about before you pack your bags and head to Bahamas weather.



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