Today in Atlantic City, United States

Cloudy with showers. Low 72F. Winds SSE at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Showers in the morning, becoming a steady rain in the afternoon. Windy. Potential for heavy rainfall. High 77F. Winds SSE at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Rainfall around a quarter of an inch.

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  • Tonight Showers
  • Tomorrow Rain/Wind
  • Tomorrow night T-Storms
  • Friday AM Showers
  • Friday night Clear
  • Saturday M Sunny
  • Saturday night P Cloudy
  • Sunday Sunny
  • Sunday night Clear
  • Monday M Sunny

Atlantic City Weather

Atlantic City lies in the state of New Jersey, United States. This city is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Its location plays a part in the kind of weather that the city experiences. Generally there are four seasons that are observed in New Jersey. The state of weather experienced during the four seasons is normally moderate. Atlantic City weather rarely hits the extreme conditions as its closeness to the ocean helps to moderate the conditions. The city also experiences quite constant conditions with few random weather conditions. Tornadoes and hurricanes sometimes hit the coastal city although they do not cause property damage. Only in the recent years has a tornado from the ocean caused property damage in the city.

Atlantic City During The Summer Season

The summer season in Atlantic City and New Jersey as a whole usually begins in the month of July. The late summer normally lasts for a longer period as it runs until late august. Weather in Atlantic City during this season can be described as warm and pleasant. Temperatures are maintained as moderate with average warmth of 27 degree Celsius for the entire season. It rarely gets hotter than 30 degree Celsius in this coastal city. This may be due to the light breeze from the ocean. Wind blowing through the Atlantic City is usually gentle with an average speed of 3m/s. The summer season also experiences a clear sky with an average cloud cover of 40%. August month sees more sunlight than any other month here. The summer season also hosts rainy spells with July boasting as the rainiest month. The rainfall is usually accompanied by thunderstorms.

Weather In The City During The Winter Season

Most regions elsewhere experience harsh weather during the winter season. The state of the weather during the season in Atlantic City can be generally described as mild. Winter is at its best during the months of December, January and February, but the temperatures rarely shoot to the extreme levels. In fact, the coldest it gets here during the daytime is around the month of January where temperature drops to around 3 degree Celsius. The nights are generally colder than the daytime and freezing temperatures are sometimes observed. Some light rainfall is also experienced during this season. Sometimes, light snow can also be observed.

Even with mild weather conditions during this season, Atlantic City receives its fair share of sunshine. The darkest month of the period is usually December although in this month, an average of 48% sunshine level is recorded. The length of the days and nights in the season varies. The month of December receives shorter hours of sunshine with the sun setting early. Sometimes, the day may be as short as 9hours 30 minutes with the sun setting at around 4:30 on this day. Tornadoes and hurricanes are also experienced during this winter period.

Fall In The Coastal City

The weather in Atlantic City is generally pleasant and this is for most parts of the year. The months of fall are not very different from this general state in terms of weather conditions. The month of September is generally bright with a cloud cover of less than 38%. The atmosphere is however very humid at this time and humidity levels are locked at 92%. A gentle breeze blows from the ocean to the city during this time. Temperatures are getting cooler but they do not drop below 10 degree Celsius.

Weather Conditions During Spring

Spring happens to be a wet season with moderate rainfall being observed in the month of March. Light rainfall is also experienced in the month of April where it drizzles for most of the days. June though is a dry month with very little precipitation taking place. The longest days in the city occur during this season where the longer days are observed in June. Late sunsets and early sunrises are observed during the month. The weather in Atlantic City experiences moderate wind that supplies the city with a gentle breeze. Wind speeds of not more than 5m/s are recorded.

Atlantic City does not experience frequent unpredictable weather conditions. However, tornadoes and hurricanes do occur at times and these are hard to predict. Although these general weather conditions can be used in planning for activities in the city, one is advised to consult the detailed daily weather forecasting reports when visiting the city. These would offer specific weather forecast for each part of the day.



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