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Athens Weather

Athens is stereotypical of Mediterranean weather - meaning unbelievably hot and dry summers and mild winters. An average of 26 degree C degrees in the summer months (July and August) - but that is just the average. Temperatures can get higher than 40 degree C (100 degree F). Although the heat can be stifling, summers in Athens are famous for the Meltemi or strong winds blowing in from the north. September is a beautiful month for visiting Athens because the heat is beginning to dwindle. This pattern has been observed in the past years. There may be rainfall here and there, but like the months of April and May, these are the perfect months to visit.

Consecutive rainy days are not ordinary in Greece or Athens in particular. Cloudy skies do not stay for more than a few days in a row like it does in other places around the world. What we call bad days in winter often gets interrupted with sunny days January and the first two weeks of February. These are the Halcyon days as they are called since the early days.

Summers In Athens

Do not miss up on a room with air conditioning during summers in Athens. The heat really shoots up and even evenings are not spared from 20 degree C + temperatures. In the daytime, heat waves are not uncommon. Temperatures higher than 40 degree C are pretty ordinary. But if you are looking for sunshine, Athens is the place to be and will guarantee a sunshiny day in summer because rainfall is at its lowest. Although Athens is your primary location, getting out of the city on a summer day is a good idea because of the extreme heat. Coupling that with the city smog and you might end up not enjoying your stay. It is always the perfect time for a stay in Athens or other locations in Greece. The sun is always out and with the Mediterranean just outside; the beautiful crystal clear waters beckon you for a refreshing dip.

Autumn/ Fall

Although the air is cooler, there are still many days of sunshine. Autumn might be the perfect time to visit Athens. It has average highs of 24 degree C on most days and nights that are in the upper teens in October while November brings chillier 10 degree C nights. Chances of rain go up beginning in October. Expect some 50mm of rain each month. The rainfall comes in quick and heavy showers so within a day, there are still several hours of sunshine. These days are ideal if you are planning lots of time outdoors in Athens.

Winter Wonderland?

We can call it winter but it is hardly the winter you are imagining. Although the place can get snowfall, it is usually light and melts quickly. Heavier snowfall will disrupt city operations. Temperatures during winter range from 6 degree C in the nighttime rising up to 15 degree C during the day. Unlike London, Athens gets 4 hours of sunshine, even in its most drab days. Back in February of 2004, temperatures went down to below -10 degree C. As December nears, rainfall increases. December and January expects around 70 mm of rainfall per month. No difference in the manner the rain comes. Short and heavy bursts of rain between sunny periods are still the way the weather goes.

Phase Of Spring

April and May are the months of spring in Greece. Days become nicer, more comfortable. April still brings chilly days but is more bearable. The days in May become more like summer days. These are ideal days for outdoor activities. The average temperature in April is at 18 degree C or 66 degree F. May brings temperatures of around 23 degree C or 74 degree F - perfect for many outdoor outings and sightseeing. The evenings are pretty cold, 11-15 degree C but that should not stop you from going out, clubbing - just be sure to bring something to keep you warm. The temperatures are about the same all over Greece. Aside from swimming, which should be put off until summer comes - most tourist activities can be done almost all year round in Athens.

Activates That Should Not be Missed in Athens

If you are in Athens in the summer, the highlight of the season is Easter. Although Easter Sunday itself is more of a laid back and quiet day, the days leading to it are more activity-filled. Something to look forward to is the delightful, roasted lamb made from recipes that run almost as old as the place. It is accompanied by unbelievably tasty soups, all made from fresh and natural ingredients, you will definitely enjoy the wait until the Resurrection.



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