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Arkansas Weather

If you live or have visited the state of Arkansas, then there are a few things that you may already know about the Arkansas weather. The first thing most people will tell you is that the weather in the state is nice most of the time. The state is close enough to the Gulf of Mexico to be affected by the weather patterns that you see in the area. That means that it can get humid in the summer and rather hot in some areas. The winters on the other hand have less humidity and they are more pleasant.

The flip side of the coin is that Arkansas weather can be wild at times. Arkansas does get its fair share of tornados and though it is far from the water it can be affected by tropical storms and tropical depressions. The good news is that the hurricanes lose strength when they touch land so they have a hard time making it to Arkansas.


As stated earlier Arkansas weather can be affected by the gulf. That means that for most of the state you can expect a subtropical and humid climate. The state is close enough to water to not necessarily be called humid continental. The summer temperatures can be really hot. One of the best examples of that can be found in the city of Little Rock where the July summer temperatures average 93 F as a daily high. Fortunately the lows are much lower than that at 73 F mostly during the night.

The winter on the other hand can be rather pleasant in Arkansas weather if you are not a big fan of cold temperatures. January which is the coldest month in the state has the high averages of 51 F while the lows are around 32 F. Colder temperatures can be felt in the north west of the state. Siloam Springs for example has an average low in the winter of 23 F.


The average annual precipitation for Arkansas weather is somewhere between 40in and 60 in. More precipitation can be observed the closer you get to the Gulf of Mexico. A lot of the rein can be attributed to the powerful storms that the state experiences mainly in the south of the state. Snow is hardly a problem in the south of Arkansas, but it is not something to be surprised about in the north of Arkansas. This side of the Arkansas will in fact see several snowfalls in the winter.

The reason snow happens in the north of Arkansas is because its elevation is much higher, and here is where you will find the mountains. Snow is not a part of the Arkansas weather in little rock where an ice storm is more likely. These storms happen throughout the state so drivers should be ready for them.

Severe Storms

Weather watchers will have a lot of fun when they visit Arkansas. When you add up the storms that you will see in the state, Arkansas weather provides 60 days a year of them. That means that if you put them together you would get 2 months worth of storms. Unfortunately these severe storms also include tornados which have been pretty destructive in the state.

Another problem is its proximity to the water. As stated earlier it is very hard for a storm to still have hurricane speeds by the time they reach Arkansas weather, but tropical systems do still reach it and that means severe thunderstorms. These systems can also trigger the creation of more tornados. The thunderstorms that are seen in Arkansas can be spectacular to those who love to see the power of nature.

What Should You Expect?

Your expectations for Arkansas weather depend largely on where in the state you are in. If you are in the south and lower elevations, then you will get weather that resembles that of Louisiana. It is warm in the summer, humid, but the winters seem to be almost perfect. The higher elevations are great in the summer, but can be snowy and cold in the winter. If you are camping in Arkansas then you should take the Arkansas weather into consideration. Do not camp next to rivers because a fast approaching storm could cause flash floods.

You should always make it a habit to check the weather forecast as it can get you ready for anything nature can throw your way any particular way. Though Arkansas can have extreme weather, most of the time it is rather nice.



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