Today in Bariloche, Argentina

Mainly clear skies. Low 51F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.

Mainly sunny. High 86F. Winds NE at 10 to 20 mph.

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Argentina Weather

You will find all types of weather in Argentina. Argentina is located in South America and although the country takes up the bottom of the continent it is long enough so that the north weather is much different than what you would find in the south. Argentina weather can be compared to the one in the United States where there are a lot of differences depending on where you are. Just like in the United States, Argentina can get its share of tornados every year as well as snow in the south and the high peaks.

Another feature to know about Argentina weather is that it gets some of the largest hail in the planet. The snowfall can be rather large especially when you get to the mountainous regions and in the south of the country. In short, you could see a lot of different weather when you travel throughout the country.

The Seasons In Argentina

Argentina can get a lot of snow in some of its regions but the north usually gets a lot less. The Argentina weather in the winter sees a lot more snow in the central and southern regions. The winds also get a lot more active at this time of the year. The Patagonia gets the Pampero winds. The west and middle of the country get the Zonda winds. The length of the spring time in Argentina depends on where in the country you are. If you are close to the capital Buenos Aires, then you will notice that the spring is rather short.

The Argentina weather spring in this South American country is also famous for its many thunderstorms as well as hailstorms. The temperature in the spring is usually mild while the nights can become a bit chilly this time of the year. You may see some snow in the early spring.

The summer Argentina weather is a bit diverse. It is not rare to have some days be extremely hot while others can feel rather comfortable. Your location in the country has a lot to do with the temperatures you will feel. People who live in the south of the country will experience an average temperature just above 48 F. The north of the country on the other hand experiences an average temperature of 80.6 F. Some places will experience temperatures over 110 F but those temperatures do not last.

The autumn brings the changes in foliage which usually happens in mid-April. One thing you will notice about the changes in Argentina weather is that the change in daylight happens rather quickly in the autumn. The autumn lasts close to three months and unlike the spring it is the same length in most of the country.

Geography And The Weather

Argentina weather is affected by the country geography. If you look at a map of Argentina you will notice that it is vertical and very long. Chile is the neighboring country to the west, but it does not take much territory before you reach the Pacific Ocean. Argentina is the second largest country in South America, and that is why the temperatures in the north and south can be that different. Another factor that affects the Argentina weather is that the country also has a large mountainous region.

The Andes Patagonicos are in Argentina and Chile and this region is cooler due to the fact that it is much higher than others. This mountainous region extends all the way down to Tierra de Fuego and that is the main reason for the many differences in the weather in Argentina, but it I not the only one.

When To Expect The Seasons

People from the Northern Hemisphere will a lot of times forget that the seasons do not happen at the same time in the Southern Hemisphere. That is one of the wonders of the Argentina weather, but if you are not ready for that it can be an inconvenience. Imagine you leave your home in the US to go on a summer vacation to Argentina just to find that your summer vacation could pass for a white Christmas. If the northern hemisphere is experiencing the fall then you will find the spring in Argentina.

The winter in the northern hemisphere happens at the same time that the summer is affecting Argentina weather. That means that if you are visiting Argentina and you have summer temperatures in the north, then you should pack a jacket or two to keep you from the cold in your visit to Argentina.



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