Today in Anchorage, United States

Mostly cloudy skies. Low near 40F. Winds NNE at 15 to 25 mph.

Windy with rain showers. High 44F. Winds N at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

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Anchorage Weather

Anchorage city is often feared due to its random and extreme weather conditions. The conditions vary from continuous periods of nonstop rainfall to long periods of unbroken sunlight. The city, found in the Alaska state of the United States, lies in the south of the Arctic Circle. Although it is known to experience a mild climate, large variations of weather conditions are not uncommon in the city. Changes in temperature, humidity, rainfall, sunlight and cloud cover are very common over the twelve months of the year. Anchorage city experiences four seasons in a year and the weather conditions in each of these seasons are quite different.

State Of Weather In The Summer

Winter in the city occurs in the months of June, July and August. The most notable feature during this season is the many number of hours in which sunlight is available. Daylight hours may be as many as 20 hours in a day. This state results in having shorter nights since a light sky appears even as late as midnight. The number of hours increases as one goes up north. The temperature of the city during this season is usually warm when compared to other cities. Other cities though are known to receive hotter summers. The temperature ranges at 13-26 degree Celsius with July being the warmest month. The month of August usually receives warmer conditions than the month of June. In fact, some parts of June are observed to receive light snow.

The summer season also happens to be the rainiest in the year. Heavy rains are experienced especially in the month of august and this is when it rains the most. The rainfall is generally heavy and continues for long durations nonstop for days. Some parts of the summer are also cloudy especially in the rainy periods. High humidity is also recorded during this period. The summer season provides pleasant weather conditions in Anchorage city especially for visitors who would like to experience the long daylight hours.

Winter In The Anchorage City

The stand out feature in the city during the winter season is the short days. Only short periods of the day are covered by sunlight with the rest being covered by darkness. Sometimes, only four hours of daylight are observed. The month of November experiences the shortest sunlight hours with these increasing through the months of October to March. February and March thus are the months when longer sunlight hours are observed.

The season is also characterized by lots of snow, ice and unending rainfall. The levels of snow vary with sometimes heavy snow which forces schools in the city to be closed. Light snow is experienced during other times. Rainfall that continues for long periods is also common in the season. Anchorage experiences very cold weather conditions during these months. Temperatures go down and vary at -1 degreeto -15 degree Celsius. The lowest temperature to have been experienced in this city was -39 degree Celsius, which indicates just how cold the conditions can get.

Weather During The Spring Season

The weather in Anchorage is very dry during the months of April and May. The temperatures begin to warm up for the summer. The conditions thus change from freezing cold to just cool weather. Lots of clouds and rainstorms are also common. The number of sunlight hours also rises as the winter season ends. Snowy conditions however persist, sometimes extending to mid-June.

There Is No Spring In Anchorage City

The month of September resembles the spring season. This month indicates the spring season. However, as a result of the melting snow and the sea of mud that follows this melting the name of the season is changed to break up season. The cloud cover in this month is high with a lot of clouds seen in the sky. Rainstorms are also frequent during this season. The general weather condition of anchorage city during this period is cool. Temperatures start to drop as the summer season has already ended.

These general weather conditions are often found for the different periods of the year. However, to get the specific and detailed state of the weather in Anchorage city, it is advisable to refer to the daily weather forecast for the day. This is because the city is known to sometimes experience extreme weather conditions. These could be dangerous if one was not prepared for them. Information on detailed daily weather forecast can be found on internet weather forecasting sites.



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