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A clear sky. Low 67F. Winds light and variable.

Sunny. High 87F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.

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Anaheim Weather

Anaheim is the one of the most favored destination by most tourists. The city, located in California State of the United States, has the weather that is good for the business in all months of the year. Anaheim weather is also very pleasant especially for the people who love the sunlight. This city is known for having sunlight present in all the months of the year. Weather conditions in the city are always favorable save for occasional extremes. The variation of temperature and humidity across the twelve months is also moderate. However, there exist notable differences in the Anaheim weather conditions that appear in different seasons across the year.

Summer Weather In Anaheim

The summer is the warmest season in Anaheim. Like any other summer, warm weather is the characteristic condition throughout the season. The city experiences higher temperatures than other cities although it does not record scorching sunlight. Average temperature figures are 27-31 degree Celsius. This temperature range is not very unpleasant and is maintained in the months of July, August and September, which are the warmest months in the city. Although the temperature rarely exceeds 29 degree Celsius, random and temporary heat waves are sometimes experienced. These may reach 38 degree Celsius when they are at their hottest.

The variation of the temperature at night compared to that during the day is moderate. This temperature change does not exceed 5 degree Celsius. Anaheim weather allows sunshine almost all year round. The sun is rarely hidden behind the clouds and a clear sky is what you experience in most of the days. Summer in the city also happens to be the driest season of the year. The only unfavorable condition during the summer is the formation of fog which causes visibility problems when it occurs. It rarely rains in the city during the summer season as it remains dry most of the time. The weather in Anaheim is considered fair as there are no extreme conditions that are experienced.

Weather Conditions In The Winter

Winter in the city usually comes from the month of November and runs across Christmas to the month of April. Sometimes, the winter season only runs to the month of February. Anaheim weather is warmer than other cities during this season. The season is usually wet with the months of January and February being the wettest months. Heavy storms, also known as the winter storms are very common during these months. The rainfall pours all day and it generally rains at the same time of the day every time. Cold winds are blown from the nearby ocean and contribute to the heavy storms experienced during the months. People wear heavy clothing during this month due to these weather conditions. The temperature though does not go down as it does in other cities. Temperature drops to 8 degree-10 degree Celsius at the lowest. Higher temperature, 21 degree Celsius is known to be experienced during the warmer days of the season. Precipitation around this month is around 11 inches on average.

Other Weather Variations

Humidity is another weather condition that varies in Anaheim. The humidity levels during the morning hours are different from those observed during the night. On average, humidity levels of 80% are experienced during the day while levels of 55% are observed during the night. The high humidity levels experienced during the day are the main cause of fog. Fog causes visibility difficulties and it generally increases with humidity. Periods when there are high levels of humidity are also the periods when visibility hazards are greater due to high levels of fog. The wind direction and speed also varies at different times of day and also at different times of the year. Wind speeds of close to 10km/hr are experienced during summer. The speed increases during winter with velocities of up to 21km/hr being observed during this period.

Anaheim general weather conditions can be described as above. For people visiting the city, it is recommended that they should check the detailed daily weather forecast. This would give the anticipated conditions for the morning, mid-day, evening and night periods of the day. This weather forecast is also important so as to be aware of any extreme conditions that may be observed during the specific day. These extreme conditions, such as heat waves, would require special preparation while planning the activities for the day. The daily detailed weather forecast is available in most weather forecasting internet sites. Make sure to keep abreast of your local weather and places you plan on visiting for a smooth trip.



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