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Considerable cloudiness. Low 57F. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph.

A few passing clouds, otherwise generally sunny. High 69F. Winds WSW at 10 to 20 mph.

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Amsterdam Weather

Amsterdam receives one of the most pleasant weather conditions across the year. These lovely weather conditions favor the city as it is a great tourist destination. All weather activities and attractions are part of the greatest assets here. The conditions experienced in the summer are fair and not scorching hot while winter does not bring freezing cold. This may explain why this Dutch city experiences visitors all throughout the months of the year. The only unpleasant thing about the conditions here is that, they are usually very unpredictable. Random showers and slight temperature changes are very common in the city. The general weather conditions running across the year can be described within the four seasons.

Weather Conditions During Summer:

The best weather conditions in Amsterdam are experienced during this period. Summer in the city is characterized by warm weather. The temperatures are usually a bit higher than in the other seasons but it is rarely scorching hot. Temperature ranges between 20-25 degree Celsius during this season. The highest recorded temperature here was 33 degree Celsius which is nothing compared to what is experienced in other cities around the world. August is the warmest month around the year and has average temperature of 21 degree Celsius.

The reason for the fair temperatures during the summer season may be attributed to the cloud cover. Most of the days, the sun would be covered by the clouds. Sunshine hours are longest with over 200 hours in a month being sunny. Daylight may last as long as 10-11pm at this season. The most annoying thing about Amsterdam weather is the unpredictable ways in which temperatures and precipitations vary. Summers are usually accompanied by random rainfall. Though the rainfall is not too high, it is high enough and measurable. October is the wettest month where drenching storms are common. The city is not very far away from the North Sea which makes cold winds common all around the year. This however does not lead to a cold summer but rather a pleasant one with no extreme conditions.

The Conditions In The Spring

This season is warmer than the winter season. The temperatures take a slight upward swing from the colder winter to an average of 11-4 degree Celsius. There is little snow that can be seen around the season especially in the month of March. Cold winds can be felt around the month as they blow from the sea through the rivers and the canals present in the city. The windy weather is not as cold as that in the previous months of December as the weather is generally warming up for the summer. Sunlight hours begin to increase here although; the sun remains hidden under the clouds most of the time. Random rainfall is also common.

Amsterdam Weather Condition During Winter Season:

Unlike other cities, Amsterdam is not fully covered with snow during the winter season. In fact, very few days experience snowy conditions with only an average of 10 days having freezing temperatures. Occasional snow falls for short periods of the days. December happens to be the coldest month of the season with its highest temperature being 6 degree Celsius. The lowest recorded temperature during the season was 3 degree Celsius, 5 degree lower than general low temperatures that are generally recorded in recent days. Cold winds also characterize this season in the city of Amsterdam. The lengths of the days shorten and only a range of 50-100 sunlight hours are experienced.

Weather State For The Autumn Season

This season is usually very similar to the spring. The sun is hidden behind the clouds for most of the time hence there is not enough hotness for sunbathing. Temperature ranges at 14 degree-7 degree Celsius with the warmest month being October. The unpredictable state of Amsterdam weather is also at its best during this season. Random rainfall is very common especially in the month of November. Although a bit rainy, the state of the weather around this season is quite pleasant.

With these general weather states for the city of Amsterdam, it is fairly easier to plan for the activities one is planning to accomplish here. However, the unpredictable nature of some of the weather conditions demands one to pay close attention to the daily detailed conditions of weather. These are usually done for each part of the day from the morning, mid-day, the evening and at night. For detailed weather forecasts you are best to check in to different websites or radio stations. This kind of foresight can help you stay prepared for what might happen from day to day.



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