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Overcast. Low near 70F. Winds NNE at 10 to 20 mph.

Partly cloudy. High near 85F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph.

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Alicante Weather

Getting to Alicante, Spain usually means that you will have great weather all year round. The weather is great especially if you are looking to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. Alicante weather has low amounts of rain and plenty of sunshine to enjoy the beaches in the area and that is why many visitors make their way to this south eastern area of Spain. The summer Alicante weather is what drives people into town.

You will have a hard time finding better weather for your beach travel than what Alicante has to offer. It seems that every summer day is perfect and the spring and fall are almost all perfect as well. Though it is in the Mediterranean, the seasons are still distinct and have their own characteristics which affect the way people see the weather.

The Summer

The Alicante weather is not only hot, but it is also dry, which is not always the case when you are close to the beach. The temperatures this time of the year hover at around 28 C with July having the warmest single month average. The temperatures depend on the sea breeze. The breeze makes the heat bearable and actually comfortable. On days when there is no breeze you can expect the Alicante weather temperature to rise to the mid 30 C.

The trend is that every year you will have a few summer days when the mercury is in the mid 30 and a couple of days when it gets to be over 40 C. Those days are the ones that make you realize how great low humidity actually is. The water temperature in the summer does go up so you should be able to get in and escape from the heat.

Autumn And Spring

The fall is when the Alicante weather sees the most rainfall. In average Alicante will get about 13 inches of rain every year, and most of it pours down in the months of September, October and November. November is the wettest month of the year, but you should not expect the rain to ruin your vacation because even when the most rain falls in November the average is only 60mm. The weather starts cooling, but it is not by any means anywhere near the temperatures found a little to the north of Spain.

The spring is similar to autumn, but it does have less rain. The temperatures for Alicante weather in these two seasons are in the mid 20 which is great even if you want to head to the beach. Of course later in the spring you will find summer like temperatures.

The Winter

Many people still head to the Alicante area in the winter. Most of the people are from Europe and they are trying to escape the more frigid temperatures up north. That is not to say that the Alicante weather cannot get cold, but when compared to other areas in Europe it is still a beach paradise. The record minimum temperature for Alicante weather is -4 C but that happened back in 1956. The temperatures can in some cases drop, but not nearly as much as the record. That drop usually happens when the area experiences what locals know as "La Gota Fria" or the Cold Drop.

The coldest month in average is January when the average low temperature is 6.2 C while the average high is 16.8 during the day time; that means is the kind of weather that you would find in the early fall in the north eastern United States. That is why people take refuge in the Alicante weather.

Things To Look Out For

With all the great Alicante weather you would think that there is not much to look out for or worry about. Besides the heat and staying hydrated in the summer there is something else that you need to be ready for. The location is what gives the Alicante weather those great temperatures, but it also brings dust storms which come from the north of Africa. The southern coast of Spain where Alicante is located is very close to northern Africa and the Sahara.

When the Sahara winds blow, they cause the dust storms which will usually last up to four days. The low amounts of rain also make bush fires and droughts a very real possibility for the locals every year. Severe Storms though not common do happen and in some cases they include large hail.



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