Today in Algarve, Portugal

Mainly clear. Low 57F. Winds light and variable.

Partly cloudy in the morning. Increasing clouds with periods of showers later in the day. High 74F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

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Algarve Weather

People who have never heard of Algarve have no idea what they are missing. Algarve is the entrance of the Mediterranean sea and the Algarve weather can be the highlight of your trip. The weather is mostly great in this area which makes it an amazing destination. The temperature is almost never below 0 C even in the winter. The 2008 and 2009 was a rare exception, but that was far from being normal; in fact, the winter of 2008 and 2009 was the first time in many years that the Algarve weather encountered temperatures below freezing.

What you can expect is hot summers and very mild winters, which is why Algarve has become one of the top beach destinations in Europe. Algarve is located at the south of Portugal in the main land and it is one of the richest areas in the entire country of Portugal.

Sunny Algarve

If you think that California is sunny then you will have to make up an entire new word for Algarve. In average Algarve weather gets over 3000 hours of sunshine every year. That makes the region one of the sunniest in the entire European continent. The average sunshine per day in Algarve during the summer months is over 12 hours per day, giving you enough time to enjoy the beach. The chances of rain in Algarve weather during the summer are almost non-existent. The times when you actually do get rain in the summer is a quick rain fall and the sun is out in no time.

The sunshine hours extend all the way through September from early June. That means that if you planned your visit to Algarve during the summer to enjoy one of its many beach resorts you can be almost certain that you will get a lot of sun for your money.

Where Is The Rain?

With all the sun that Algarve Weather gives you during the summer and even most of the fall you may be wondering when the rain falls. You can expect rain to fall in the winter in Algarve as this is the one season when most rain will fall. With the rain and the winter also come drops in temperature. You will probably not see snow in Algarve weather, but it is worth noting that in 2006 some snow did actually fall in the area. That was the first snow people in Algarve had seen in over 50 years and it was only about 2 centimeters.

Of course the area is not really ever prepared for any snowfall whatsoever so the little snow that actually fell caused road closures and delays for most people who live here. Rain showers are usually short and the temperature hardly ever goes below freezing.

The Spring And Fall

The summer is hot, and the winter is mild, but what will the Algarve weather be like in the spring and the fall? After the mild temperatures of the winter the temperatures start to rise. The spring is a great time to visit because the Algarve weather will not give you the warmest temperatures, and you will know summer is near. The temperatures are high during the day, but you experience a drop at night. The famous Algarve sunshine goes to 9 hours a day and it begins to climb once again.

The water temperatures in the ocean can be cold, but other than that it is the perfect beach weather. The fall on the other hand is actually rather warm and you notice that it starts raining a bit more and that you are not getting as much sunlight. The early fall does have warmer sea temperatures, but they start declining as the area gets closer to the winter.

Average Temperatures

The average temperatures in the summer Algarve weather are warm with 28 C in the months of July and August. The temperature however can get a lot higher if the wind comes from the south as opposed to the north. The extreme heat that is felt in some summer days is due to the Sirocco wind which comes south to north from the Sahara. October and November start seeing a drop in the temperatures with an average of 20 C to 21 C. November nights however can get a lot cooler when the average low drops to about 13 C. Winter highs get to 16 C and a night time low of 10 C. The spring Algarve weather does bring the temperatures a bit higher with an average temperature of 20 C.



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