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Partly cloudy skies. Low 47F. Winds light and variable.

Mainly cloudy. High 83F. Winds light and variable.

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Albuquerque Weather

Albuquerque weather is exactly what you would expect in the desert with little differences a few times a year. The desert weather in Albuquerque is very hot in the summer and the winter can bring cold nights. There are four distinct seasons in the area even when most of the year the Albuquerque weather is dry. You would however be surprised at the storms that you can see in the area with some looking as severe weather.

These storms are not usually long lasting, but they are not something that most people know about the city in the desert. Most of the years you do have hot temperatures during the day time, but that can change as soon as it starts getting dark. Because Albuquerque is considered an arid place the air is dry except for those times when a storm makes its way into town.

The Best Time Of The Year

The fall is by far the best time to visit Albuquerque. The weather is perfect as the temperatures start to drop. You no longer feel the tremendous heat that you would during the summer and the air remains dry. That makes the fall Albuquerque weather very comfortable for most people. The reason for the lack of moisture is that there is no large mass of water nearby. Between New Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico you will find the lone star state Texas, and the Pacific Ocean can be 2 to 3 states away.

Though the spring time Albuquerque weather can have some similar temperatures there are winds coupled with a lot of sun which can be rough on the skin. The days do get longer as the summer approaches which means more sunlight on the windy conditions. Overall the spring is not bad, but the fall is better.

Rain In The Desert

The rain that Albuquerque does get when it does comes from two places. Some are brought by the winds that blow from the Pacific Ocean, but these storms are not long lasting. The reason is that storms. There is also the possibility of rain coming from the Gulf of Mexico in the summer, although these are rare because the systems that come from the gulf tend to head to the north east, but some actually reach Albuquerque. These storms are quick, but some of them are actually strong.

The Albuquerque weather does receive some rain, but not as much as other places in the country. The annual average of rainfall is close to twenty inches. Albuquerque also receives snow. Some years the snowfall is a lot more than the rain with some years actually accumulating 26 inches of snow per season. That scenario is not the norm, but it has happened in the past.

Average Temperatures

One of the most important things to know about Albuquerque weather is the temperatures that you should expect when you are in the area. The summers will be hot as the average temperature is somewhere around the 90 F during the day. Thankfully that temperature drops at night to an average of 60 and the 70. Please understand that those figures are the average and that the reality when you visit or for a particular week can be a lot hotter, especially during the day time.

The good news is that in most of the summer the air is dry. Low humidity makes the hot temperatures tolerable, but the end of summer the monsoon adds some humidity to the air. The actual temperature drops, but the humidity makes the Albuquerque weather seem as hot if not hotter than the earlier months.

Desert Sand

When you live or are visiting Albuquerque you should be ready for sand. Early in the year usually during late March and early April you will notice the wind gusts which become common. Gusts of up to 30 miles per hour can blow dust and sand. The sand will be there because although Albuquerque is a city, it is still a city in the desert. The wind usually is a lot less in May, but in some instances you may get the gusts as late as mid-May. It is a good idea to check the weather forecast as these dust and sand storms can be harmful when a person breathes in too many particles.

Special attention should be given to children, people with respiratory problems, people who are outside most of the day, or whom exercise outdoors and pregnant women. There is a lot more to Albuquerque weather than desert conditions, and you should be ready for it.



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