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Clear skies. Low 47F. Winds light and variable.

Sunny. High around 80F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph.

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Alabama Weather

When it comes to Alabama weather there are a few things that you should know. Unlike some other states, the Alabama weather cannot be described in a single way. Your location in the state has a lot to do with the weather you experience. The closer you get to the Gulf of Mexico the more likely you will be to experience tropical weather. But if you head north in the state you will reach the Appalachian Mountains which will give you a cooler climate.

The fact that Alabama is in the southern United States means that you will have hot summers and the winters tend to be mild. There is rainfall all year round. Part of the reason that Alabama has such a great growing season is the rainfall that it gets. The growing season in Alabama is a total of 300 days, and the average rainfall is 56 inches or 1,400 mm.

The Summers In Alabama

Alabama weather in the summer can be really hot. Alabama is in fact one of the hottest states in the country when the summer months arrive. The average temperature in Alabama in the summer is just above 90 F. Alabama weather in the summer can also give you other things to be concerned about besides the heat. Its location by the Gulf of Mexico makes it one of the areas in the country which is likely to get hit by hurricanes or tropical storms from May all the way through September.

Even if the state is not directly hit by one of these storms it does frequently receive a lot of rain after the storms weaken over the east coast. You do not have to be next to the Gulf of Mexico to feel the effect of these storms as areas in the north of the state also get hit with a lot of rain from storms.

Extreme Weather

One of the staples of Alabama weather is the possibility of extreme weather. As mentioned earlier, the fact that it is close to the gulf of Mexico makes Alabama a possible target for hurricanes and tropical storms. Alabama was one of the states affected when Katrina came into the gulf of Mexico and the warmer oceans means that hurricanes could be stronger in the future. It is important to say that most hurricanes are tropical storms or depressions by the time they reach Alabama, but a full force hurricane is always a possibility.

Another problem that people may experience with Alabama weather is the possibility of tornados. Although Alabama does not see as many tornados per year as other states, it still gets a few every year. It is also on the top of the list when it comes to tornado strength as they report the most EF5 tornados. Strong storms are also common and in some cases they have been known to be hail storms which can cause physical and property damage.

Average Temperatures

The averages for Alabama weather do not sound as bad as they can feel sometimes. The average annual temperature is about 64 degrees Fahrenheit but that does not tell the whole story. In the winter the average temperature is 48 F, while the summer has an average of 79 F. The problem is that those temperatures can change rather quickly and it also depends on your location as it relates to the Gulf and to the mountains.

Needless to say the higher up you are, the more likely you will be to have a mild summer and a cold winter. People close to the gulf however will need their air conditioners almost every day in the summer and will get great temperatures during the winter. The Alabama weather and temperatures make Alabama a great place to visit in the Fall when the leaves start changing colors.

Winters In Alabama

Winter is a time of the year when some people from the northern states will visit Alabama. The reason for that is that the weather, with very few exceptions is pretty mild there. One thing to note is that Alabama is one of those rare places to have a secondary season for tornados. In November and December there is always a possibility of a spike in tornados. As far as snow goes you will not be seeing much. The north East of the state may see a dusting here and there. Birmingham for example will only have an average of two inches of snow per year, though there have been some exceptions to that rule in 1963 and in 1993.



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