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Clear skies. Low 24F. Winds light and variable.

Sunny skies. High 43F. Winds light and variable.

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Afghanistan Weather

If you were looking for a place that can throw every kind of weather your way then you need to look no further than Afghanistan. The Afghanistan weather is as complex as it gets and although people have managed to live there, for someone visiting it can be a big inconvenience. The weather is great in most of the country in the spring although on high elevations it can feel as if you were in the middle of winter. The summer can be one of the hottest that you will ever experience with a few exceptions such as Kabul, Faizabad and Bamiyan. If you are in another location such as Kandahar or Jalalabad you should be ready to experience a really hot weather. One thing is certain; Afghanistan weather is full of surprises.

The Effect Of The Weather On Travel

As you may expect you will not have an easy travel experience in Afghanistan due to the many hazards that the terrain and the Afghanistan weather can create. Keep in mind that if you are traveling during the spring you may see floods that make it nearly impossible to travel by road. The reason for these floods is not the rain alone, but also the snow that melts from the higher elevations. This melting of snow has flooded the already bad infrastructure of the roads in Afghanistan.

Another problem that people have with the Afghanistan weather is that in the summer in the low altitudes the weather can be extremely hot. That means that sand storms can quickly become a threat to air travel and to people traveling by roads. Less trouble when traveling occurs in the fall from September to November. The Winter sees a lot of snow in most of the country, particularly in the higher areas which makes traveling a bit tricky those times.

Geography And Weather

The reason for all the changes in the Afghanistan weather is the location combined with the geography. Its location is perfect for the hotter weather, but Afghanistan weather is affected by the fact that it is a very mountainous country. The Hindu Kush which is the largest mountain range in the country runs from the northeast of the country all the way to its southwest.

The altitude of the peaks declines the closer you get to the south of the country. The highest peak in the country is Nowshak which stands at 23,000 feet. These mountains make the country cooler than what its location would suggest and that is part of the problem. The more peaks you have the more snow you will accumulate. That snow will melt when the weather changes and it does in all four seasons. In total, 66 percent of Afghanistan is mountains with little vegetation in them.

Temperature Averages

If you are going to discuss the weather anywhere in the planet you must include information on the temperatures. The temperatures of Afghanistan weather depends on where you are. There are averages in the country, but you should understand that those averages are not necessarily what you will see. In the summer you can expect temperatures which are above 30C, but they can go way above that in certain regions. That temperature applies to day time.

At night, most of the time you will feel temperatures around 15C in average; places in higher altitudes such as Kabul drop a little bit more. The winter average in areas of higher elevations drops to -8C, but the record cold for Afghanistan weather stands at -21C. The record heat on the other hand is 40C for the summer months. Some areas in the country such as the south can experience much higher temperatures. The average in this region alone is 38C in the summer but it is not rare to get a series of days at 45C. The winter can be one of the best times in this area as they are mild during the day. The average winter temperature is about 15C during the day, but they can drop to 0C at night.

The Wind Of 120 Days

One of the things that you will read about when studying Afghanistan weather is the wind of 120 days. This weather phenomenon is a wind that is felt on the south and the west of the country. What makes this part of the Afghanistan weather important is that it is the reason you get drought and sand storms in the country. In average these winds can reach 110 mph which is hurricane speed winds. These winds can be felt during the summer months.



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