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Scattered thunderstorms, especially late. Low near 80F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 86F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

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Acapulco Weather

Acapulco experiences a tropical wet and dry climate. Temperatures vary according to altitude. The locations that are closer to the sea experience warmer temperatures than the inland locations in Acapulco. Acapulco is prone to storms and hurricanes with the months May to November being the highest threat period. Trees in Acapulco tend to lose leaves during winter with evergreen pines being found in the highest elevations. Acapulco has a rich fauna which consists of deer, small mammals, a wide variety of birds as well as marine animals. For more information on Acapulco weather, check

Temperature Highs

The highest temperature ever recorded in Acapulco was 39.5 degrees Centigrade (103.1 degrees Fahrenheit) which was recorded in January. July and August are the warmest months both with an average of 32.3 degrees Centigrade (90.1 degrees Fahrenheit). Average annual temperature highs are recorded at 31.3 degrees Centigrade (88.3 degrees Fahrenheit) showing that Acapulco is generally a hot city.

Temperature Lows

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Acapulco was 16 degrees Centigrade (60.8 degrees Fahrenheit) which was recorded in the month of April. Temperature lows rarely fall below 23 degrees Centigrade (73.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Annual average low temperature is recorded at 24.5 degrees Centigrade (76.1 degrees Fahrenheit). January has the lowest average low temperature which is records at 23.3 degrees Centigrade (73.9 degrees Fahrenheit). February and March also have relatively low temperatures with low averages of 23.5 degrees Centigrade (74.3 degrees Fahrenheit. June has the highest minimum temperature with an average of 25.2 degrees Centigrade (77.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Annual daily average temperatures are recorded at 27.89 degrees Centigrade (82.21 degrees Fahrenheit). January has the lowest daily temperature average, 26.8 degrees Centigrade (80.2 degrees Fahrenheit). For current weather updates, visit Acapulco Weather.Net.


Precipitation is received throughout the year with an annual of 1,324.1 mm (52.13 inches) of precipitation. The highest amount of precipitation is received between June and September with June having an average of 265.9 mm (10.469 inches), July has an average of 244.6 mm (9.63 inches), August has an average of 286.8 mm (11.291 inches) and September has an average of 304.0 mm (11.969 inches). September is the month with the highest amount of precipitation. The months November to May are considered to be dry months and they receive less than 30 mm of rainfall. March receives the least amount of precipitation with an average of 2.3 mm (0.091 inches). September has the highest number of precipitation days with an average of 14.3 precipitation days followed by August which has an average of 13.3 precipitation days. For more information on all weather aspects on Acapulco, visit


Acapulco receives a significant amount of sunshine with an annual average of 2,948.3 hours of sunshine. March receives the highest amount of sunshine with an average of 288.3 hours followed by January which has an average of 272.8 hours. September receives the lowest amount of sunshine 195 hours, which is also evidenced by the fact that it is the month which has the most rainfall and has the highest number of rainy days.

Visiting Acapulco

We at Acapulco Weather.Net, advise people that would like to visit Acapulco to feel free to visit this part of the U.S. any time. Temperatures in Acapulco are generally always high throughout the year which makes the city ideal for hanging around the beach and holding beach parties.

Acapulco receives a great amount of sunshine, which makes it a great place to travel to for a vacation. Sunshine is great for relaxing the body especially when relaxing at the beach. If you are interested in tanning your skin, then you should be thinking of travelling to Acapulco. Basking in the sun at the beach has plenty of benefits. One of them is that it relaxes the brain and allows for the release of hormones that help fight the onset of anxiety. Relaxing at the beach under the sun is very helpful and prepares the mind to become positive and be able to deal with daily challenges without a sweat.

Acapulco has many places of interest. With most days being sunny days, there is no problem when it comes to touring this city. The sun vibrantly lights up all the beautiful scenery of this city thus allowing you to enjoy nature best moments. When you travel to Acapulco, just do not forget to carry your camera because you will see lots of beautiful flora and fauna.

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